Lounge bar

Rome Cocktail bar

Rome Lounge bar

An exclusive, romantic and contemporary place, have a seat at the lounge bar

The ideal spot on the map to experience new things, to meet people, to socialise and even to work. The Lounge bar at Loly Boutique Hotel is designed to offer the elegant service of the best cocktail bars in Rome in an exclusive and secret location.
Appetising and seductive food and beverage proposals can be enjoyed as a couple, for a romantic occasion, as well as in the good company of friends and family, lighting up your Roman stay with a touch of authentic class.

Loly boutique Roma

A new Lounge Bar in Rome, Capital of fine drinks

According to Le Cocktail Connoisseur, Rome is the perfect city to enjoy excellent cocktails while enjoying refined atmospheres, from morning until late night. The contemporary urban chic design creates a light setting where tradition and contemporaneity meet, designing the perfect context for a couple on their honeymoon, as well as for business travellers, who will find all the comforts of a smart location, to comfortably dedicate a few hours of work with their laptop.

Loly boutique Roma
Loly boutique Roma

After an aperitif, we invite you to discover our innovative interpretation of traditional Roman cuisine. In our restaurant, you will experience the chef’s hand, fully committed to enhancing the genuine and authentic taste of the ingredients. Reserve your table and discover a new and exciting adventure inside flavour.