Loly Boutique hotel

Design Boutique hotel

Unique architecture and contemporary design in the heart of Rome

The natural light shapes the different materials. Marble, stoneware tiles, brass and parquet dialogue with each other continuously, building an intimate and authentic atmosphere, of sharp minimalism and intense emotions.

Where once there was a Print House and everyday were put new stories in black and white, today we welcome you to write your own personal novel,offering exclusive services and always aiming for the highest attention to detail.
Welcome to an innovative design boutique hotel, the perfect marriage of sustainability and sophistication, an exclusive concept designed to be at one with its surroundings: the most original centre of Rome.

Loly Hotel Roma

Light design: first choice of style

Light is the fulcrum of the design of this hotel. Entering the hall you will be welcomed by a light shower. Sun rays outline the volume of interiors, unifying with each other the objects of an airy, comfortable and pleasant location.

Loly Hotel Roma

Design furniture

Furniture is as functional as it is elegant. An excellent, innovative and comfortable collection that offers real life solutions, for long stays as for just one 24h. The wardrobes of each room are handcrafted, while Calligaris’ style was chosen for other popular compositions.


Architecture and technology fuse themselves for disruptive solutions, embracing changes and making Rome once again the real protagonist of today’s design and the most sophisticated and refined settings.

Loly Hotel Roma

A design hotel in Rome, in its most authentic side

Hard to find words to define Rome, we tried to translate it’s versatility in style, through colours and decor elements, letting emotions talk. Loly Boutique Hotel is the prelude of the Roman holiday, it’s the experience itself, the first step in a large city with many facets, crossroads of creativity, opportunities and infinite journeys.

Discover the most authentic Rome’s districts