Osteria Trastevere

Osteria Trastevere

The restaurant in Trastevere that interprets and renews tradition, with style.

In downtown Rome’s historic neighborhoods, you can experience a discovery of traditional recipes and flavors. Welcome to Roman cuisine enthusiasts, where the history of traditional cuisine is reinterpreted in a menu of classic and contemporary recipes. Cacio e Pepe, Carbonara, Amatriciana, carciofi alla giudia, Gricia, and gourmet pizza-we are constantly studying new flavors to offer surprising recipes to our beloved clientele. Reserve your table at Osteria Trastevere and get ready for a journey into taste.

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We seek perfection in every ingredient

We want to rework the atmosphere of the alleys of Trastevere with its traditions and suggestions and transform it into unique dishes. Our chef chooses the freshest and most genuine ingredients every day, with the aim of enhancing them in their most authentic flavor: our cuisine is at the service of food and not vice versa. The attention we pay to the selection of raw materials is also found in our breakfast.

Let yourself be won over by a rich selection of fresh and dried fruits, croissants, sliced meats, cheeses and continental breakfast offerings, we also invite you to try international offerings, such as scrambled eggs or hot bread, freshly baked.

Loly boutique Roma
Loly boutique Roma

From Restaurant to Lounge Bar

Rome wouldn’t be the Capital of Dolce Vita if it didn’t offer the best in every glass. Classic international cocktails with attention to the smallest details to surprise guests with fresh, new seasonal recipes.

The Lounge Bar at Loly Boutique Hotel is a small alchemical laboratory where we seek to enhance flavor in ever new forms.