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Boutique hotel Rome centre

A boutique hotel in Rome, in the centre of the city “capital of the world”

Loly Boutique Hotel is surrounded by a lively and dynamic context. An elegant tree-lined avenue facing many historic buildings, the main artery to walk comfortably to the beating heart of Rome. In the surroundings of the boutique hotel, Rome shows itself in its most genuine dimension, alternating small squares, narrow alleys and characteristic markets with monuments of archaeological significance and modern urban amenities.

Welcome to the Trastevere district, the place that earned from locals the name of “the heart of Rome”, a characteristic set of paths and gardens where the most genuine Roman life still takes place. Many streets are paved with cobblestones, the houses often boast climbing plants and easily you can bump into traditional shops and hidden places. Booking here your room you will wake up in a unique setting, ready for an exclusive and enveloping “boutique experience”.

Loly Hotel Roma

A stone throw from the most important monuments

If that’s your first visit to Rome, there are some essential stops for every tourist, which alone can reveal the ancient splendour of the capital “of the world”.

Castel Sant’Angelo it’s about 2 km of distance by walk, to arrive there you need to run along the Tiber, passing by Villa Farnesina, a unique Renaissance example, where you can admire the magnificent Raffaello’s frescos.

At the same distance from your room and very close to both these monuments is Vatican City, with it surprising Basilica di San Pietro. Crossing the Tiber, less than 2 km by walk from the hotel, you can find the most famous monuments: Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Colosseum, Trevi’s Fountain and Imperial Fora.

Loly Hotel Roma

Trastevere  Boutique hotel

Loly Boutique Hotel is located in the centre of the Trastevere district, the most romantic and authentic in Rome. It is a tourist district, where it is possible to stroll along little-trodden paths, among places frequented only by Romans.
Magnificent gardens create surprising interruptions in the urban fabric, markets colour the romantic little squares, inviting you to discover workshops and handicrafts. Between taverns serving traditional Roman cuisine and numerous attractions for children, Trastevere is the district to visit to get to know the hidden and most enchanting face of the capital.

Reveal Trastevere's charm
Loly Hotel Roma

Testaccio Boutique hotel

On the “rive gauche” of the Tiber Testaccio district comes to life, a real bridge between Rome’s traditions and new trends. The  district has partly maintained the same it’s characteristics popular roots, which is reflected today in the shop’s signes in marble, as in the Roman accent you can hear while strolling down the streets.
Often chosen as a set for films, this dynamic stage is an authentic workshop where avant-garde ideas are born, ready to contaminate the rest of the world.

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